Tiger Machinery, LLC, located in the United States, is the former Caterpillar dealer in the Russian far east.

Caterpillar is one of the world's largest manufacturers of heavy machinery. At its plants, CAT manufactures the full range of equipment - from trucks and dozers to heavy-duty hydraulic excavators, pavers, pipelayers, scrapers, wheel loaders, harvesters, skidders, and other quality heavy duty engines and equipment. Caterpillar equipment operates at mining, timber, construction, paving and road building, and pipeline markets around the world. To date, products are manufactured at Caterpillar's 115 factories around the world. Services available for rent more than 1500 centers around the world. Global dealer network includes 182 Dealerships in 200 countries worldwide and is a guarantee of popularity and reliability of Caterpillar equipment.

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