Bulldozer D10T

Caterpillar D10T bulldozer

Traditional reliability. Power - meant for future. Caterpillar D10T bulldozer combines power, efficiency and technical excellence, which results an outstanding performance at low unit cost.

C27 Engine with ACERT ® Technology
ACERT Technology improves combustion of fuel, which allows optimizing engine performance and reducing toxic exhaust emissions. Engine in conjunction with the torque divider and power shift transmission designed for reliable and economical operation for many years.


Power train
Electronically controlled power shift transmission, effective ground drive control with steering clutches and brake, as well as reliable planetary final drives provide an excellent power transfer.

High components life ensures maximum performance of the machine. The modular design of power train provides quick removal and installation of basic aggregates such as engine, gearbox, final drives.

Transmission components protected from shock loads in collisions with ground variations due to reliable design of the undercarriage with elevated sprocket. Elastic suspension improves the contact of the undercarriage with the earth, reducing skidding and increasing pulling force. It amortizes shocks increasing traveling comfort and the resource of machine.

Strong, reliable and durable frame. Made of box beams, made by steel casting and continuous rolling, it provides a solid base for undercarriage with suspension, elevated final drives and other components.

The splitter of torsion torque
Single-stage torque converter with the torque divider at the output transmits 75% of engine torque through the torque converter while the remaining 25% through the drive shaft to improve efficiency of power train and the coefficient of magnification of torque. Torque converter protects power train from loads in consequence of a sharp change of torque and vibration.


Model D10T
Engine Cat C27 with ACERT technology
Weight 66 T
Power Capacity 433 kW/580 hp
SU capacity of SAE blade 13,5 cubic meters
U capacity of SAE blade cubic meters
Standart ripper digging-in 1494 mm


  • Cat® machines are rolling off assembly lines with the latest in engine technology. The first model to ship was the D8T.  Several other models followed suit including the D9T, 365, 385, and four Articulated Trucks.  As of the end of April, a total of 26 machine models are available!  Each of these machines use Caterpillar engines with ACERT™ Technology, the result of more than $500 million in research and development and more than 250 patents. The engines are compliant with the United States EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations governing off-road machines, which took effect January 1, 2005 for engines of 300 to 750 horsepower.

    ACERT Technology is another example of why Caterpillar continues to be the North American leader in on-highway engines. Truck engines with ACERT Technology log more than 70 million miles each day. In fact, Caterpillar factories ship more than 16,000 of those engines each month. That on-highway record, coupled with Caterpillar's decades of experience in the off-road business, means customers will continue to receive the ultimate in engine performance and machine production.

    Emissions regulations for machine engines are not new. The first went into effect in 1996, and Tier 2 regulations were applied in 2001. Those standards were met by adapting existing technologies, but the aggressive Tier 3 requirements dictated breakthroughs.